This week Tory chancellor George Osbourne will reveal his budget. On Tuesday 19 March 2013, the eve of the budget, students across the country will be taking part in a National Day of Action to put pressure on George Osborne to do a u-turn and give us back our EMA.

Bring Back EMA pre-budget national day of action posters, leaflets and signs for photo campaigns are now available to download free online for colleges taking part in the day of action.

Just head over to the Lobbying Tools page of the website to download resources for your day of action now!


The following 26 campuses have already signed up to join the
National Day of Action:

·      Worcester College of Technology
·      Dudley College
·      Birmingham South and City College
·      Central St Martin's College of Art and Design
·      Stourbridge College
·      Sandwell College
·      Gateshead College
·      Lancaster & Morecambe College
·      Camberwell College of Art and Design
·      Midkent College
·      Sunderland College
·      Hull College
·      West Thames College
·      Sheffield College
·      Bridgwater College
·      Edinburgh College
·      Chelsea Academy 6th Form College
·      Goldsmiths College
·      SOAS
·      Birmingham University
·      Manchester University
·      LSE
·      London Met University
·      Hertfordshire University
·      Kent University   
·      Sussex University 

Things you could organise on the day include:

·      Do a ‘Bring Back EMA’ banner drop
·      Encourage students to send an email to their MP by using this lobby tool which finds your MP for you and includes a model letter

·     Organise a stall with a petition or model letters to lobby your MPS to sign up to the early Day Motion it they have not done so already
·      Organise a photo petition, where you go around your campus with a camera and the photo campaign poster and take photos of students that support the campaign to upload on the internet and tweet at your MP

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what you can do on the day – get creative!

he eve of the budget, students across the country will be taking part in

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