Join the Bring Back EMA Campaign’s week of action to build the national petition to bring back EMA!
Students in Further Education Colleges have been leading the campaign to bring back the Education Maintenance Allowance after it was brutally slashed by the government in 2010. This year we successfully pressured 63 MPs to sign an Early Day Motion in parliament to Bring Back EMA.

Now we have teamed up with 38 Degrees, one of the UK’s largest campaigning communities, to keep up the pressure on the government to bring back EMA.

Our pressure and campaigning is clearly working - Labour’s shadow education secretary, Tristram Hunt, has indicated that Labour could reintroduce the grant following our hugely successful student campaigns.

This should be welcomed, but we should be clear that it would be wrong to bring back this grant by scrapping other vital benefits. When we continue to spend over £2 billion annually on the unnecessary Trident nuclear weapons system, the idea that we would have to cut Winter Fuel Payments to afford the cost of EMA is simply untrue and feeds a false narrative of pitting older and younger people against one another.

This also ignores the peer-reviewed evidence from the Institute for Fiscal Studies which states that ‘The initial outlay of the EMA policy is likely to be more than recouped’ – in effect EMA was good for the economy.

Students will be taking the next steps in the campaign to bring back EMA with a day of action in colleges across the country, from Kent and London to Dudley and Gateshead, building a national petition hosted by the campaigning organisation 38 degrees. The day of action on the 5th of November will coincide with actions across the country as part of the Student Assembly Against Austerity national day of action

Want to organise something on your campus? Let us know what you would like to do and we will add the details to the list above. Email 

You can also download all the free resources you will need to run actions on your campus and encourage students to sign the 38 Degrees petition. If you’d like more information you can ring Matt Stanley, co-founder of the Bring Back EMA campaign on 07714139738 

We need to keep up the pressure on the government and politicians to bring back EMA – make sure you sign the petition and join the Bring Back EMA Campaign to get as many people to sign as possible!


1. Plan your action on your campus - don't forget to email to tell us what you'll be doing!

2. Download free resources from our resources hub - including posters, leaflets, Facebook banner photos and profile pictures to support your campaign.

3. Encourage students to sign the 38 Degrees petition - you could set up a stall with a laptop for students to sign or even collect signatures on paper petitions. Please scan completed paper petitions and email to so signatures can be added to the petition.

4. Tweet! - Make sure you share your actions on Facebook and Twitter using #BringBackEMA

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