The Bring Back EMA Campaign supports the upcoming People's Assembly Against Austerity to be held on Saturday 22 June 2013 9am – 5pm at Central Hall Westminster.

The Bring Back EMA Campaign has been mobilising for the People's Assembly Against Austerity - helping to gather support from FE student leaders for the upcoming assembly, which is a key opportunity to bring together all those who want to stop the cuts and the ­devastation they are bringing to millions of people in the UK, and to launch the next steps in the fightback. As students we are committed to confronting the Tories’ attacks on our education system and our future. Nothing illustrated these attacks more than the scrapping of EMA, which had a huge impact on hundreds of thousands of the poorest FE students in the country.

The Bring Back EMA campaign also support the calls for a 'Student Assembly Against Austerity' following the People's Assembly. The Student Assembly Against Austerity will take place on Saturday 2 November
2013 in central London. This event will provide a key opportunity to bring together all students who want to stop the cuts and the devastation they are bringing to millions of people in Britain, and to launch the next steps in the fightback. 

The Bring Back EMA Campaign urges students from across the country to join the Student Assembly Against Austerity so that we can come together to discuss the next steps in the fight for free education and against tuition fees, a lifetime of debt and cuts to education, while taking to the next level the struggle to bring back EMA.
9/24/2013 20:28:24

As learners we are dedicated to dealing with the Tories’ strikes on our knowledge program and our upcoming.This occasion will offer a key probability to carry together all learners who want to quit the reduces and the destruction they are providing to many individuals in England, and to release the next actions in the fightback

11/30/2013 05:59:53

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